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Bio Flush

Bio Flush has been specifically designed to liquefy and digest solid waste and prevent unpleasant odours in toilets and commodes. A concentration of specially selected micro-organisms and detergents quickly breaks down waste and digests it. Bio Flush replaces formaldehyde and quaternary compounds and is compatible with septic tanks and drainage systems.

Bio Sachet

Water-soluble sachets for the use in portable toilet systems. Bio Sachet is easy to dispense and will break down the waste and reduce unpleasant odours. A natural and safe alternative.

Bio Block

Bio Blocks are non-pDCB urinal blocks that keep urinal traps and pipes clear of scale and reduce foul odours. The biological and enzyme producing action digests and removes the uric crystals, which are the main cause of blockages in the system. Ideal in high use areas such as public houses, restaurants, hotels, schools, public buildings, etc.