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We are delighted to introduce an advanced range of brand new products which we believe will be a major growth area for the future. We have put together a unique blend of micro-nutrients and carefully selected elements to significantly improve the performance of the nature’s natural micro-organisms found in biological products.


Bio Compost

Bio Compost is one of the most effective compost accelerators on the market. Its advanced formulation starts working immediately. The powerful selection of nutrients within the product combines with nature’s natural micro-organisms to degrade the vegetable waste, producing high quality compost enriched in nutrients.

Bio Active

Bio Active is the ideal solution for food waste. These highly digestible nutrients coupled with the micro-organisms accelerate the decomposition and digestion of the food. Bio Active can be used on small or large amounts of food waste cutting the degradation time down dramatically, saving you time and money.

Bio Multi

Bio Multi improves the effectiveness of biological products. In some cases, biological activity needs help in speeding up the process. Bio Multi contains a blend of nutrients, nitrogen, phosphates and essential elements required to activate and multiply the micro-organisms, thus accelerating the biological process.