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Field International UK Limited,
a manufacturer of specialised products, has been established in the United Kingdom for many years. Based down in the New Forest, we have built up an enviable relationship with our customers from all over the world. Owing to the strong links with one of the leading universities in this country we are able to offer a unique combination of quality products and the highest level of service at a competitive price. The philosophy of the company is simple - our customers are our number one priority in everythi ng we do. In addition to the main product lines featured in this leaflet, we have the ability to provide bespoke products made to the client’s exclusive specification.
Our biological products are very safe and kind to the environment. They can break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Within an individual product there are various forms of enzymes; each performing different tasks to ensure the most efficient performance. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process. The high quality of our products guarantees their increased shelf life.